Does your charity, wedding or start up business need a website?

If your charity or start up need a website then what are you looking for from your website company ?

– You want a company that really cares about producing high quality websites at a sensible price.

– Mobiles and tablets cater for about 50% of website visitors and so you require a responsive website that automatically reconfigures itself depending on the device. This also helps support high page rankings in Google.

– You will want a website that is Search Engine Optimised (SEO) and that appears high in Google ranking and other search engines.

– You may be sole trader, a small business, a start up, a charity or a not for profit organisation. You do not want to be charged ridiculous prices for a website which is a crucial part of your business plan.

– You may want someone to manage your website to ensure it is secure, updated and reflecting your latest needs and requirements. Conversely you may want the ability to update parts of the web site yourself. Further wishes might be a blog or blog maintenance, social media, logo design, email newsletter design for marketing or ecommerce sites.

– You will want a team who can speaks plain English and does not confuse you with technical jargon. Someone who is experienced, understands your needs, has an eye for detail and enjoys making websites and supporting them for the pleasure of doing it.

– The customer supplier relationship does not end when the website is completed. Reasonable on going support, help and advice is provided free of charge. Many of our customers become our long term friends.

If some or all of this is what you want then New Valley Web Design which is located near Warminster, Wiltshire is waiting to hear from you.